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  • February 26, 2017

94 Ideas For Cost Reduction And Profit Improvement

February 26, 2017 Car Insurance No Comments

Introduction to 94 Ideas for Cost Reduction and Profit Improvement “Do you want to know 50 great profit building ideas that you can put to immediate use in your business to increase profits and reduce costs?” If YES read all these ideas that have been …..


What is home health care and why do I need it?

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      What is Home Health? Home Health Care is skilled nursing care and certain other health care services that you receive in your home for the treatment of an illness or injury. This could also include physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Medicare Part A will …..


Electric Car Questions and Answers

February 25, 2017 Car Insurance No Comments

I own a problem near my car’s electrics. Can you serve? I am trying to sell my car but have a problem that desires sorting before I do.When the windscreen wipers are on and move to the top of their action (i.e. pointing skywards) the …..


Insurance Co Salvage Cars

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Finding the car you want may not be as difficult as you think. You can find great deals on salvage title cars, cars that have been “totaled” by insurance companies, and then resold to dealers who place them in online auctions at places like Copart. …..


Take a Free Lunch and Get Paid for It!

February 24, 2017 Car Insurance No Comments

According to conventional wisdom “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. That’s generally true BUT… There is a way to really have a free lunch and also to get paid for it! This is so awesome that people hardly can believe it! They …..

How Long Does Life Insurance Underwriting Take?

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When most people think of how long the life insurance underwriting process takes, they probably picture some poor guy behind a desks with stacks of files and life insurance applications collecting dust behind him. This probably wasn’t too far from the truth a few years …..


The Three Stages Of Money Laundering

February 23, 2017 Car Insurance No Comments

OK, many of us have seen movies or TV shows where counterfeiters throw money into large dryers with poker chips or dice or some other items to make the bills appear to have been out in circulation when in fact they’ve just been printed. Well, …..

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