Cheap Insurance – New Driver Guidance

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Cheap insurance for new drivers can be found by searching the Internet. You will most often be quoted a higher rate if you phone an insurance salesman or if you phone the home office of a large insurance company. This is because it costs the …..


Avoid these mistakes made by Car buyers

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A lot of people who buy cars do so blindly, without considering some of the vital aspects like car payments, maintenance and upkeep. All they think of is that they like the car and want to own it. Most of the time, car buyers make …..


Why Use an Auto Insurance Broker

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Do you know the value of an auto insurance broker? Many people go shopping for auto insurance on their own, which can be a big mistake. Thousands of people are under insured and don’t even know they are. Or you could be paying much more …..


Iron rules about renting a car

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Iron rules about renting a car Wrote and edited: Yair Bar-Zohar Date: 01.07.2004 Recently updated: 02.02.2009 A rented car abroad – Advantages: comfort, transportation from one place to another, freedom to travel independently, the option to stop at any time of the day, the option …..

Temporary Car Insurance

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When borrowing a car, buying a car or, traveling, temporary car insurance is a vital item to include in our plans. With temporary car insurance if a car is damaged or an accident occurs it will not affect our established insurance policy. Temporary Car Insurance …..

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